Leonard Cohen

Popular Problems

Popular Problems
Sony Musique

Liste des albums

2016 You Want It Darket
2015 Can't Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour
2014 Popular Problems
2012 Old Ideas
2010 Songs from the Road
2009 Live at the Isle of Wight, 1970 (CD + DVD)
2009 Live in London
2007 Book of Longing - Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen
2004 Dear Heather
2001 Ten New Songs
2001 Field Commander Cohen - Tour of 1979
1997 More Best of Leonard Cohen
1994 Cohen Live: Leonard Cohen in Concert
1992 Future, The
1988 I'm Your Man
1984 Various Positions
1979 Recent Songs
1977 Death of a Ladies Man
1975 Best of Leonard Cohen, The
1974 New Skin for the Old Ceremony
1973 Live Songs
1971 Songs of Love and Hate
1969 Songs from a Room
1967 Songs of Leonard Cohen

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Popular Problems

Liste des pistes

  1. Slow
  2. Almost Like the Blues
  3. Samson in New Orleans
  4. A Street
  5. Did I Ever Love You
  6. My Oh My
  7. Nevermind
  8. Born in Chains
  9. You Got Me Singing

Paroles et Musiques: Leonard Cohen et Patrick Leonard.

Notes de production

  • Réalisation: Patrick Leonard
  • Production: Sony Musique
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